Events are an important part of what we do around here. We like to celebrate and events are kind of like mini celebrations.

  • Calendar
  • Annual Events
    • Super Bowl Sunday Sale

Downtown midwinter clearance sale (Superbowl Sunday) We make the deepest discounts of the year during this sale to clean out discontinued items, one offs, and get ready for all of the new toys that will be rolling in. Enjoy savings of 20% storewide, and discontinued items at 40-70% off. Make your game plan to include getting some good deals in your local shops!

  • Lego Contest Every year in the middle of the deep dark winter, hopscotch hosts a building bricks contest (does not have to be Lego brand). Check our events calendar or call the store for more information.

1.) Needs to be submitted and placed in the hopscotch window between February 1st and February 28th.
2.)  Facebook votes garnered will give points for consideration in the prize allocation but will not be the only determining factor in winners/ losers.
Why? Because we want the excitement that stumping for votes will generate with the kids but we do not want this to be a popularity contest.
3.) Adults can’t help children. More importantly, children can’t help adults.
4.) When you bring in your entry, you give hopscotch the right to post your image on facebook which could make your picture available to the rest of the world and the world may choose to use the picture in the future without giving either of us any royalties at all. Images of each entry will be posted on the hopscotch facebook page, so tell your aunts and uncles so they can “like” your masterpiece!
5.) All Lego’s will be released to their candidates after the winners have been announced.
6.) Maximum size of entered pieces is 18″x18″.
Age Categories Are:  Age 3 to 5, Age 6 to 9, Age 10 to 14, Age 15 to adult (we love adult entries. Don’t be shy, the kids are way inspired by what our adults come up with.

Prizes will be awarded in each age category. The first place prize is a $20 hopscotch gift certificate. The Second place prize is a $15 hopscotch gift certificate. The third place prize is a $10 hopscotch gift certificate.


  • Pictures with the Easter Bunny

Yet another childhood right of passage that we just can’t resist being a part of.  The Saturday before Easter we invite the Easter Bunny to come sit with the hopscotch children and have his picture taken. He is only available from 1:00-4:00, so mark your calendar and hop on in!

  • Screen Free Week

Always the first week in May hopscotch joins the center for a commercial free childhood in challenging your child to set aside this one week of not doing anything with screens but homework. hopscotch will have commitment forms for your kids to fill out, and if they manage to make their commitment (with an adult signature), we will give them a $5 gift certificate good for toys and games at hopscotch.  

  • UFO Festival The 3rd Weekend every May we experience yet another Alien invasion bringing creatures from another galaxy and lands as far away and foreign as Gresham. Starting at 10:00 a.m. hopscotch will have the back room set up to be able to alienate your little ones, and maybe you big ones too! We will have face paint and foil, the rest is up to you. The downtown parade will start at 2:00. We ask that you don’t remain parked in the lot during the parade, but there is ample street parking, and the parade is just two blocks away.
  • It’s our Birthday September is our birthday month and we always do something fun, so keep your eye on the newsletter.
  • Halloween Candy Exchange

Donate your Halloween Candy to the troops, and hopscotch will give you $2 of hopscotch money! Just bring your loot to us, and we will ship it off to the troops through Operation Gratitude. We will also give you a certificate for $2 to spend at hopscotch!

  • Neighborhood Toy Store Day

This is a nationally celebrated event, but only people who have a locally owned Toy Store get to participate. Great News! You have one!! We will have raffles for gift certificates and toys. One every awarded every hour. From 11:00-3:00 we will have elves on hand to help your little ones write and decorate their letters to Santa. The Magic North Pole Mailbox will be stationed out front to receive those letters and get them to Santa faster than e-mail!! There will be gingerbread cookies to nibble in whatever twisted order makes you happiest.  We look forward to helping you ease into this season feeling ready to have fun with it.

  • Mac Friday non-profit give back

We know as a local business that one of the biggest things we can do to show our appreciation to you is to take an active part in building your community and supporting the causes that you care about.  That’s why on our Mac Friday customer appreciation day we will either stretch your budget by giving you a 10% discount on everything in the store *or* we will donate 10% of your purchase to a non-profit of your choice.

  • Pictures with Santa

Pictures with Santa are free with the donation of a toy to the firefighters toy drive. We are honored to play our part in this holiday tradition, and work hard to make your experience the best possible. No waiting in line, instead you are free to play in the toy store until the Elves call your name from the list. Our elves are also really wonderful at relaying information to Santa that may help create the magical omniscience that keeps him the stuff of legend and helps the littles suspend disbelief for one more year.

  • Silhouette Artist
    Seattle’s Kerry Cook comes to McMinnville to cut Silhouette’s for us a couple of times a year. She charges $30 for the first silhouette, and $12.50 for additional copies of the same sitting. She is a truly talented artist. Watch our newsletter or call the store to see when she may be coming next.
  • Weekly Activities
    • Paint Day Every Wednesday from 11:00-1:00 we put out the paint and easel. You bring the kiddo, create the masterpiece, we clean up the mess.
    • Pokemon

(This is something we are willing to host, but have a hard time keeping momentum on, so if you know a Pokemon group who could keep coming we can do the rest.) If you have a Pokemon kid who is interested in learning how to play the card game, we are meeting here at hopscotch every Tuesday from 3:30-5:30. Three weeks out of the month it is free, but starting next month and continuing monthly on the 4th Tuesday, we will host a bracketed competitive tournament and the cost to enter is $7. That will buy a booster pack for your child, and a pack that goes into the prize pool. Trading of cards is something that naturally occurs, but the fact that there are many players there who know the value of the cards limits the potential for “bad trades.” Parents do not need to stay with their players, but players do need to be capable of playing (have a deck, or enough cards to build a deck, or be able to buy a deck here ($13). They do not need to know how to play. We can teach them (and you)

  • Workshops… aka Would you like to run a workshop at hopscotch? We offer our large back room for many artists, scientists, dance teachers, music teachers, and the like to run workshops to try to drum up pint sized clients. It’s great for them because we advertize to our newsletter list and get people in to participate and learn about what they are doing, and great for us because we get to have an activity for our customers to participate in.
  • Holiday related closures and hours

We are closed for business on the following holidays:

New Years Day


Mothers Day

Memorial Day

4th of July open 11-4

Labor Day




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