DIY Glycerin Soap Kit


Clear and clean, our vegetable-based glycerine soap kits help you make up to 16 great smelling soaps with naturally derived fragrances in a host of great shapes. Fun to make and use in the tub or sink, it’s just good, clean fun!

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Science and good, clean fun come together in this awesome make-it-yourself Glycerin Soap kit!  Turn your kitchen into a lab and create the perfect vegetable-based hand-and-body soaps for you and your friends! Simply melt a square of our clear glycerin soap base in the clear pot included in this kit, add your colored mica and natural fragrance, then pour the mixture into any one of the 4 adorable soap molds!  Let them cool for twenty minutes and voila.  You can make 16 hand soaps in the comfort of your own home.
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