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4Fun Lawn Launch – Backyard Family Lawn Game

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Lawn Launch Features

  • A jumbo version of the classic game, skee ball, that is perfect for families with kids of all ages to play together outside and stay active
  • A fun new lawn game for families to set up in the backyard or at the park
  • How to play (2-12 people can play at once):
    • Simply roll one of the 6 included balls up the ramp, and aim it to land in one of the 3 included scoring rings
    • Keep score when a ball lands in any of the rings:
      • large ring = 5 points
      • medium ring = 15 points
      • small ring = 20 points
    • First team to get to 100 wins
    • The scoring rings can be arranged in a variety of ways to keep the game exciting and challenging; e.g. traditional skee ball orientation, ‘snowman’ with one stacked on top of the other, or spaced out for advanced play
  • The ramp set is fully adjustable to change the angle of play and the difficulty level
  • Grommets and anchor lines are included to secure the system to the ground
  • The 7-foot ramp can easily be rolled and stored in the convenient storage bag with the rest of the set
  • LawnLaunch includes:
    • 7-foot ramp
    • 6 foam balls
    • 3 multi-colored scoring rings
    • Zip up storage bag to take on the go and set it up wherever you want
  • All you need is a grassy area that has at least 15 feet of space to set up the ramp and scoring rings
  • For ages 3+


Product Description

Take this classic game straight to your backyard to set up for some family game time fun! Lawn Launch is a jumbo twist on the classic game skee ball and is the perfect activity for families with kids of all ages to make some memories outside in the fresh air.

Lawn Launch includes a 7-foot nylon ramp that anchors into the ground, 6 colorful foam balls, 3 scoring rings and a storage bag. All you need is at least 15 feet of a grassy area to set up the ramp and the scoring rings.

How to play: Roll the ball up the ramp and watch it fly off the edge and land in one of the three scoring rings to see who can get to 100 points first! Each ring is worth points: large ring = 5, medium ring = 15, small ring = 20.

Keep each game exciting and challenging when you rearrange the scoring rings in different designs!

The included storage bag and ability to store all of the pieces inside makes this lawn game easy to take wherever your family is headed!


Specs + Material

  • Set includes:
    • 7-foot water-resistant ramp with pole to secure into the ground
    • Two (2) anchor lines
    • Three (3) scoring rings: large, medium, small
    • Six (6) 3in. colorful foam balls: purple, red, yellow, green, orange, blue
  • Ages 3+
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