The Cat Who Went to Heaven


The Cat Who Went to Heaven [Elizabeth Coatsworth] [Illustrator Lynd Ward] Children, Juvenile Literature.

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A Newberry Medal Winner

This timeless fable has been a classic since its first publication in 1930, and this beautifully illustrated edition brings the magic and wonder of the tale to a new generation of readers.

In ancient Japan, a struggling artist is angered when his housekeeper brings home a tiny white cat he can barely afford to feed. But when the village’s head priest commissions a painting of the Buddha for a healthy sum, the artist softens toward the animal he believes has brought him luck.

According to legend, the proud and haughty cat was denied the Buddha’s blessing for refusing to accept his teachings and pay him homage. So when the artist, moved by compassion for his pet, includes the cat in his painting, the priest rejects the work and decrees that it must be destroyed. It seems the artist’s life is ruined as well—until he is rewarded for his act of love by a Buddhist miracle.

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